Cost of Silence.jpg

cost of silence

a film by Mark Manning

USA, 86 mins.


The Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 was the world’s worst offshore oil drilling accident in history. The resulting oil spill contaminated 68,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico and threatened the lives of six million people. To make the oil go away, toxic chemicals called “dispersants” were sprayed in unprecedented amounts. In the months and years after the disaster, the world has been led to believe that the “clean-up” was a success.. But Gulf Coast families and communities of all ages, races, and classes are suffering chronic illness, cancer, and premature death at rates far above national averages. Mark Manning, a former deep-sea oil-field diver turned filmmaker, has uncovered disturbing evidence of coordinated efforts between the petrochemical industry and the federal government to cover up an ongoing public health disaster. At the end of this shocking documentary you will be connected to action campaigns where you can help.