Yes I Am

The Ric Weiland Story

a film by Aaron Bear

USA, 63 mins.


Ric Weiland was one of the first employees at Microsoft. He helped focus and organize their early successes. It made him wealthy and influential at an early age. He never felt overly comfortable with his wealth - he didn’t feel that he deserved it. So to quiet the nagging doubt, he turned to philanthropy. Out and proud since the 70’s, Ric was a champion of gay rights, donating more than 20 million dollars to fund more than 60 non-profit organizations.  Like so many of his friends, he was diagnosed with HIV. Near the end of his life, he wrote, “I’ve lost interest in fighting my depression and other emotions. I can’t see how it would end given my circumstances.” This is his story, up close and very personal.

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