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the b1g story:

george Taliaferro

a film by Kevin Weaver and Tucker Gragg

USA, 53 mins.

Trailer and Facebook:

He was the first Black American drafted in the NFL, and the only man to play 7 positions in the NFL. In college, George Taliaferro's popularity enabled him to racially integrate the town of Bloomington, Indiana. He even integrated the local theater with the twist of a screwdriver. So why does no one know his name? This film documents the life of Taliaferro, a pioneer, whose sacrifices opened doors for generations of African-American football players. The son of a steel worker in Gary, Indiana, George (1927-2018) earned regional recognition as a football prodigy for his ability to play seven positions with outrageous athleticism. But when George left the safety of his home community in 1945 to begin his college football career, he found himself unable to live in the dorms or eat in local restaurants. You know Jackie Robinson's name. Jesse Owens' too. Now you can add George Taliaferro to the pantheon of athletes who broke racial barriers and influenced generations.


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