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little satchmo

a film by John Alexander

USA, 61 mins.

Trailer and Website:

What a story this is! The world knew him as "Satchmo."  Louis Armstrong was iconic — a symbol of musical genius, unparalleled success, and unassailable character.  To Sharon Preston-Folta he was simply Dad.  And the world never knew she existed. Until now. Armstrong’s wholesome, non-threatening image preserved his singular career as a black performer with unfettered access to a white man's world. Yet he was more than a caricature; he had desires, he had longings, and in private, he held tightly to the things he loved. Perhaps closest to his heart was a child whom he hid from the world: a daughter sworn to a life of secrecy. From the director: "This first-person account from Armstrong’s only known child lifts up parent-child relationships everywhere and gives an intimate glimpse into the human side of an American icon all too often foundered in caricature."


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