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the mirror game

a film by William Stribling

USA, 87 mins.

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Two old friends. One big ask. This comedy is the story of a friendship pushed to its limits. Childhood friends Rose and Abe both find themselves in Las Vegas on the same weekend, but when Rose asks Abe for a life-changing favor, the evening takes a turn for the unexpected, and the two spend the night trying to beat the odds. This film is superbly acted and beautifully scripted. The director says: "The Mirror Game began as a challenge to ourselves as filmmakers. In 2020, I had two other feature films get put on hold due to the pandemic. But by August 1, I was going stir crazy and was desperately looking for a project that could be done quickly, cheaply, but also safely. So we rehearsed for about a month with the actors, snuck gear into a Las Vegas hotel room, and shot the entire thing over the course of 5 nights with a barebones crew. It turned out to be one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my career."




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